The world's first
continuous abrasive recycling system

50% reduction in operating costs

A cyclic material stream effectively eliminates abrasive-related expenses, dramatically reducing operating costs

Save time and mess

SlurryLoop deals with the abrasive for you, meaning no hauling hundreds of pounds of abrasive around and no digging out the tanks

Less waste

SlurryLoop not only enables you waste less time and money, but also less abrasive and water.
This has a large positive impact on our environment.
Learn more about Sustainability

Simple and easy to use

The hands-off design of SlurryLoop means it works in the background, allowing you to focus on the task at hand

Unlike anything the industry has ever seen.

Closed loop, open possibilities

Reusing abrasive traditionally has been time consuming, power hungry, and expensive. Due to this, reusing abrasive from traditional waterjets is often not even considered. SlurryLoop is able to continuously recycle the cutting fluid and abrasive in real time, while keeping size and costs down. This enables SlurryJet to run continuously, with little to no operator input.

Designed for Industry 4.0

SlurryLoop houses a suite of sensors enabling it to be automated and monitored remotely. SlurryJet is a fully equipped Industrial Internet of Things compatible machine, ready to participate in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Mesh back cap featuring a powdercoated aluminum Synticos logo cut out using SlurryJet, in teal over navy blue.

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